Thursday, December 21, 2017

Texas Garden Floral Series - Fall 2017

Painting has been such great therapy for the latter half of 2017!
Here are some of the pieces that have emerged: 
They are all displayed at Lil' Blue Goat (unless sold and in their new homes!)

Each piece is mixed media on canvas - acrylic, pastels, charcoal, papers
Some are vibrant colors, others more muted... 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bottle Tree with Black Bird Painting

12 x 12 mixed media / acrylic painting
Celebrate the spirit of Southern Culture with a bottle tree painting!
Original by Mary Elizabeth Phillips
First in a series of 12

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bottle Trees

We create one of a kind, naturally shaped bottle trees!
Each as a unique shape made from recycled steel...

Three general sizes:
courtyard trees are roughly 3-4 feet high and have stone bases - $225.00
garden trees are approximately 5-7 feet tall and have steel bases - $495.00
custom lawn trees can be up to 20' and must be built on site in a concrete base - call for quote

Save and collect your special bottles for adornment, or use them as trellises for vines!

Bottle Tree by Mary and Eddie Phillips, photo by 360West Magazine

Monday, February 13, 2017

All things LOVE!

Love is in the Air!
We really went crazy with the LOVE art this year!

Pictured below, top to bottom and left to right:
Mr. Man pen and paint original in frame - $100
Heart light - hand painted, hand crafted wood and lights - $150
4x12" heart totem prototype painting - $110
Glass kiln carved 'LOVE' on steel plate: $110
Hearts Aloft plate: $65
Mixed media shadowbox with glass, antique spools and graffiti heart on wall: $275

Heart Bouquet Totem Prototype - 12 x 12" painting: $200.00

Glass Heart Totems on Steel Bases: $110.00

Pocket Hearts
Take a Little Piece of my Heart With You
1 x 1 inch squares
$2.50 each
Cute little whatnot gifts for weddings, showers, valentines, graduation...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Glass Hearts Floating above Stone

Colorful Hearts Dance Above Texas Sandstone
Glass, Copper, Stone
Approximately 16" tall, 10-12" wide... hearts can be adjusted
$75.00 each
Indoors or Out! 
Perfect for your courtyard or mantle :) 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Make Your Own Bath Salts

Aromatic bath salts are such sweet luxury, and there is nothing better than a nice, therapeutic soak after a chilly end-of-winter day in the garden. If you are lucky enough to have herbs that lend themselves to aromatherapy uses, then bath salts are an awesome way to bring the outdoors inside as you await springs arrival. Lavender happens to be my favorite, but anything that pleases your senses will work!

You will need small, airtight containers for your finished salts, a box of Epsom salts from the store, dried and coarsely refined herbs, and, for an extra punch of scent, some essential oil if you like. Citrus makes a great addition, and can be achieved by drying and chopping orange or lemon peels.
I can't make my own oils, so I purchase them from reputable distillers (Medicine Crow/Floracopia are wonderful dealers and very ethical in their work). The process is simple:
Pour some salts into a bowl, lightly sprinkle oil on them and mix...just a few drops will do! Mix in your dried herbs and package up in air tight containers. WaLa: perfect gifts from the garden and easy enough to do with the kiddos.
My favorite mixes:
Pure lavender
Citrus mixed with mint
Citrus mixed with rose petals
Lavender with rosemary
Pure Rosemary
Rosemary and orange
Experiment with combinations of your favorite scents, and get creative with unusual botanicals that are easily found in our area: sage, cedar, juniper, and rose can often be found in open fields or neighbor's yards. Don't forget culinary treats as well: almond, vanilla or strawberry for example. It won't be long before you are known for your signature scent!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Steel and Glass Vase of Flowers Sculpture

Steel and Glass Vase of Flowers

Approximately 14" x 20"


SOLD - Check for updated/recent posts with similar tags to see when we make more, and be sure to follow our Facebook page (where we are better about keeping posts updated!)