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 ...for Links to Fabulousness: 

1) Way Kind Beautiful Life - on curating a creative, sustainable, gorgeous and meaningful gig!
          Five ideas for designing a beautiful life! 
          A Mid Winter Ritual to Warm Your Soul 

2) Garden Secrets - who doesn't love to share a good secret?
          The Dirt on Dirt - Soil Stuff from Garden Class :) 
          Garden Secrets - TOP TEN Garden topics for Mansfield, TX

3) Bath and Body Blissfullness- because diggin' in ze dirt makes a dirty girl wanna come clean!
          DIY lavender bath salts!
          Spa perfect feet at home! 

4) Musings - mostly bad writing about weird thoughts...
          Groundhog Day
          Sacred Season of Seeds (at end of post about our new seed offerings)

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