Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Mid-Winter Ritual to Warm the Soul

Fire, Ice, Radiate, Grow 

We thought we would share a quick lil' ritual that helps us feel positive during the cold and dark of winter.  This practice is quick, easy, and able to be done using stuff that is laying around your house.  Best of all, it really helps focus and hone those New Year's Intentions!

Each part of Fire, Ice, Radiate, Grow can be done on different occasions, or they can be combined into one event.  Leave slips of paper and empty jars on your counter and invite some friends over to make this into a fun get-together, too!

Fire: Purge yourself of everything you would like to release and eliminate from your life.  Write these things on small pieces of paper, and (safely!) burn and surrender them to a higher power with love and peace.  A small metal or ceramic bowl and a lighter or match is all you need to burn tiny pieces of paper - just be sure it isn't windy and that you don't have any embers left when you are done!

Ice: What do you have in your life that you desire to have less power over you? Write it on small slips of paper and set them in ice cube trays or small plastic baggies then freeze them.  With love and grace, you are symbolically 'freezing' controlling influences that you want to remove...

Radiate: Write down that which you are grateful for.  Lovingly decorate your list, or script your entries with a beautiful pen or marker.  Take a photo of it, and share it either publicly or privately with friends and family.  Let your love and gratitude radiate outward into the world!

Grow: Write down the things you would like to attract and/or manifest in your life.  Use small slips of paper, and then plant them in a garden bed or houseplant.  As they decompose they will transform into the energy of growth!

With Love,


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