Saturday, March 10, 2018

Texas Primrose

What a Survivor!

So we started about 70 seedlings of Calylophus (aka Texas Sundrops or Texas Primrose) last spring...They looked weak and rather pitiful in their 6" pots all summer and we didn't sell a bunch - but after tossing some out at the sunniest, driest corner of our garden in July (in Texas - insert eyeroll here), they really took off.  
Survived winter in 6" pots... not looking much different than all last summer...

But THRIVING out by the street corner! 
 The street corner in full sun in Texas has to be one of the most difficult places to naturalize - and I call this a winner :)
No pics of our own when they (modestly bloomed) last summer, but this is what we look forward to~
 All summer they have lovely yellow blossoms and require little care...
Example of dry landscaping this variety thrives in!
Don't let their feet stay too wet - give them plenty of sun - and Stand Back! "Texas Sundrops" - easily one of our new favorites! 

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