Sunday, January 17, 2016

Create a handmade lantern

The winter days of January are perfect for creating a light in the dark!

Historic Downtown Mansfield hosts an annual "Lanterns and Lights" night on the Third Thursday of the month.  Come stroll Main Street with your handmade lanterns, and check out neighborhood specials and events.  It's a wonderful way to brighten up the mid-winter dark-n-cold blues!

Downtown businesses stay open until 8 pm for our monthly Third Thursdays, and in addition to our awesome local restaurants there are usually a few food trucks on the corner.  So toss some glow sticks in your bike basket, or get really creative with the kids and make a lantern from one of the ideas below! Be the light, share the light!

If you need some inspiration for a lantern project, here are some ideas - complete with web links.

Click here to view this colorful tissue mache lantern...

Awesome jellyfish lantern - just add a glowstick! Click here for instructions.

Hope to see you at the lantern walk during the Third Thursdays Mansfield "Festival of Lights"! Be sure to stop by Lil' Blue Goat at 126 N Main Street to see our yearly roll-out of hand crafted lighting, too :)
Happy Winter! xoxo 


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