Friday, May 20, 2016

Get Growing Mansfield!

"Gardening Foundations and Fundamentals" is the first in a series of 7 free Mansfield-specific gardening classes - offered once per month at the Mansfield Farmer's Market! This is a public event - invite your friends! 

Two times to choose from: 9 am or 11 am

May 21 - Gardening Foundations and Fundamentals: an overview and quick exploration into the "6 basics" of successful gardening in Mansfield. 

June 25 - Soil Health and Composting - a look into the micro and macro world of your soil. How to determine what type of soil you have, and how to improve it for the health of your plants.

July 16 - Plant Selection and Planting Techniques - learn about recommended plant varieties for our area, determining the microclimates on your property, root health and best practices for planting potted plants, seedlings and seeds.

August 27 - Pests and Pest Control - we will discuss garden pests ranging from weeds to diseases and insects, and how to control them with minimal damage to the environment - plus learn a variety of organic formulas for pest--control success.

September 24 - Home Harvest! All about growing food at home. Planting dates, best varieties, and edible landscaping. Bonus - 'eat the weeds': a discussion of wild edibles that are probably in your yard!

October 15 - Watering and Nutrients - how much water to use, how to conserve it and save money, what do plant nutrient deficiencies look like, and how can you ammend them...

November 12 - Garden and Landscape Design - your property is your canvas, so how do you create a masterpiece with plants and other elements? Specifics on designing for wildlife, bees, butterflies, energy savings (!) and privacy or noise control.

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