Saturday, November 28, 2015

Spa Perfect Feet at Home

Spa Perfect Feet at Home!

Doliber Bay Soap Co. has done it again! 
They just introduced a new sugar scrub that is totally creamy and amazing (and available at Li'l Blue Goat!) gently exfoliates, nourishes and moisturizes your skin like no other (and we've tried them all!)

Last night I used it on my feet after an exhausting Thanksgiving marathon of cooking, eating and party-going.
And as always, it was fantastic - but when I grabbed the terra-cotta foot scrub on the bath cart and paired it WITH the sugar scrub, the results were, like, too good to be described - at least in a public forum :)

Inspired, I went for the whole home pedicure...

Remove that old polish lingering from last summer, trim, file, and soak those tootsies...
Remove cuticle with an orange stick and clean up nail edges...
Then - the real treat - 

Use a quarter-sized dollop of Doliber Bay Sugar Scrub on each foot...

Massage it in real good.  Go on, it feels awesome,,,really rub those footsies...

Use our Terra-Cotta foot scrubber with the sugar scrub to remove callouses and dry skin...

Rinse well, dry, and reapply your polish - 
You will swear you've had an expensive pedicure!
No sense going around all winter with goat hooves ;)


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